Upward Bound Classic

Upward Bound Funding Secured!

CARE received funding from the US Department of Education to continue supporting Gadsden County and expand to Jackson County.

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What is Upward Bound Classic?

Upward Bound Classic (UBP) is a federally funded program for 9th through 12th grade students to thrive in high school while developing skills and gain experiences necessary to realize their college and career opportunities in any field.

Through the services offered by Upward Bound, students will be supported in:

  • Achieving at minimum a 2.5 high school GPA
  • Reaching proficient levels on state assessments
  • Completing a rigorous high school curriculum
  • Receiving college acceptances
  • Successfully completing a 2 or 4 year degree. 

Standard Eligibility 

UB is open to high school students at target schools who are US citizens or have permanent resident status. Additionally, students must meet federal income guidelines or be first generation (parents do not have a 4-year degree).

Character Eligibility 

 Students interested in UB should also have a desire to graduate from a 2 or 4 year institution; willingness to be active and committed to the program until high school graduation; and openness to exploring variety of majors and careers.


Students can apply to the UB program via online applications - Gadsden or Jackson. A paper application is available upon request from school counselors at the target schools. The application will require financial information per US DOE guidelines.

Target Area 

Upward Bound Programs are required by the US Department of Education to serve a defined target area (i.e. county, school district, zip codes, regions, etc.). The UB target areas for FSU are Gadsden County and Jackson County. 

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Gadsden County 

Students attending Gadsden County High School have priority consideration for selection. High School age students residing in Gadsden County but not enrolled at GCHS may be considered for participation if space is available. 
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Jackson County

Students attending Snead High School have priority consideration in selections of participants for UB. High School age students residing in Jackson County but not enrolled at SHS may be considered for participation if space is available. 
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Upward Bound Classic Components

Academic Year Component. The academic year experience for UB includes in-school, after-school and weekend services to assist students and their families. Specific offerings may include: 

  • In-Person or virtual course support in core academic subjects of math, reading/ literature, and science.  
  • Workshops focused on topics that focus on leadership development, life skills, financial literacy, cultural awareness, college knowledge, etc. 
  • Individual support from dedicated staff to develop individual learning plans and college goals. 
  • College Admissions Test Intensive Seminars.

Summer Component. The six-week summer program will provide students with a 6 week summer experience that will include 5 weeks living and learning on the FSU campus and 1 week of virtual engagement. The program operates from Sunday to Friday with scholars returning home on Friday afternoons. Specifically, students will experience the following:

  • Academic Instruction in literature and composition, math, science, and foreign language through a project based learning model.  
  • Exposure to college campus (i.e. residence halls, dining halls, student organizations, support services and resources, etc.).
  • Excursions for cultural enrichment or career exposure. 
  • Career and job shadow experience to explore interests.
  • College Tours to colleges and universities across the southeast.   

Other UB Information

There is no monetary cost associated with being in the UB Program due to grant funding from the U.S. Department of Education, Florida State University and community partners. As a result of the significant investment into the program, our only ask of students is a commitment to engage in the program and pursue a 2 or 4 year degree. 

For more information, please contact LaKesha Brown, Program Manager/ Project Director for UB Gadsden at lrbrown@fsu.edu or Jy'Shawn O'Neal Program Manager/ Project Director for UB Jackson at joneal@fsu.edu