Summer Bridge Program Frequently Asked Questions

2024 Summer Bridge Program

Frequently Asked Questions

View answers to frequently asked questions about the CARE Summer Bridge Program.


Summer Bridge Program

View questions regarding the Summer Bridge Program to include dates, experience and some expectations.

What is the Summer Bridge Program?

The CARE Summer Bridge Program (SBP) is a 7-week comprehensive program designed to ease the transition from high school to college while building a strong academic foundation. After completion of the summer, students remain connected to - and supported by - CARE.

When is the Summer Bridge Program?

The CARE Summer Bridge Program (SBP) is from June15 to August 3, 2024. 

Is the summer bridge program mandatory to attend FSU?

If you are admitted to FSU via the CARE Summer Bridge Program, then you must attend the Summer Bridge Program to enroll in the Fall semester.

What support services are provided during Summer Bridge?

Summer Bridge participants will have access to tutoring, academic advising, college success workshops, financial wellness and literacy workshops, social engagement and peer mentoring.

Am I able to travel during the Summer Bridge Program?

Summer Bridge is an academic experience and must be your priority for the summer. CARE cannot excuse you from your academic courses for family vacations or any type of travel. The faculty each have attendance expectations and CARE requires you comply with their attendance and be fully present for the summer semester.

Am I able to work during the Summer Bridge Program?

CARE expects you to focus on your academic transition and building strong connections with the campus community. The seven-week experience is intense and leaves little room to include working. We recommend you budget your financial aid refund accordingly to account for not working during the summer.

Am I able to return home during summer bridge?

You are able to visit home and we recommend that this travel not conflict with your class schedule or required CARE events. CARE events occur on select weekends. 

Admissions Related Questions

View answers to questions about the admissions process for Summer Bridge

When does the Summer Bridge Program application become available?

The Summer Bridge application will be available on August 1 when the FSU first-year application becomes available. You must submit the CARE Summer Bridge Program application in addition to the FSU application or the Common Application. The application is added your admissions portal if you indicated interest via your freshmen application. If you submitted your FSU application without indicating "Yes" to interest in Summer Bridge Program or submitted the Common App, then you can email the Office of Admissions at to request the SBP application.

Where can I find the Summer Bridge Application?

You can email to request the application be added to your admissions’ checklist.

When will admission decisions be released?

Admissions decisions are released based in accordance with timeline established by the Office of Admissions. You can review the dates on the admissions deadlines webpage.

What are the requirements for the CARE Summer Bridge Program?

  1. Must be a first-generation college student.
  2. Demonstrate strong evidence of possessing FSU's core values of Vires (strength), Artes (skill) and Mores (character).
  3. Complete all the minimum academic courses as required by the state of Florida.
  4. Qualify for the Pell Grant as determined by the FAFSA and supporting financial documentation for both aid years, 2023-2024 and 2024-2025.
  5. Meet Florida residency requirements.

Why do you require a 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 FAFSA?

The Summer Bridge Program occurs during the 2023-2024 FAFSA year so in order to receive financial aid during the summer you must submit that FAFSA. The 2024-2025 FAFSA is for your Fall and Spring financial aid award.

How are CARE Summer Bridge Program applications reviewed?

Applications are reviewed by three departments: Admissions, Financial Aid and CARE. Admissions and CARE review all submitted materials to determine if a student will be offered admissions. The Office of Financial Aid reviews FAFSA information to confirm student is Pell-Grant eligible.

Can I decline a CARE Summer Bridge Acceptance and still be accepted to FSU?

If you decline your Summer Bridge Acceptance, then you are also declining your admissions to Florida State University. However, the Office of Admissions can offer more guidance on what options may exist for you.

Advising Related Questions

View answers to questions about the course advising and registration process for Summer Bridge

How will I register for classes for the summer?

You will not register for summer courses. CARE Advisors will enroll you in your courses for the summer. You will select your fall classes later in the summer yourself with the help of your academic advisor.

How do you select which classes we take?

You will enroll in 6 credit hours for the summer. CARE selects classes based on your high school/dual enrollment transcripts. All students take AFA 1003 (Diversity & Justice). Your remaining classes will be selected based on what you need to meet graduation, university, pre-requisite, or major course requirements.

If you select my classes for the summer, when will I meet  with an Advisor to discuss Fall courses?

You will meet with an advisor at Orientation in order to discuss your FALL courses. You will select your fall courses during the summer, so this is an opportunity to prepare for your fall semester early!

Financial Aid Questions

Will CARE pay for my summer expenses?

CARE does not pay for your summer expenses. As a Summer Bridge student, FSU's Office of Financial Aid will provide you with a financial aid award that will cover the costs of your attendance – tuition and fees, meal plan, housing, and other educational related expenses – for the summer term.

Your tuition and fees will be paid through your financial aid disbursement. FSU will automatically deduct your charges from your financial aid accounts to pay your bills. Any remaining funds will be sent to you by direct deposit.

How much financial support does CARE provide after Summer Bridge is over?

Currently, CARE provides a $2,500 per year grant ($1250 Fall and $1250 Spring) for up to four years while you are pursuing your bachelor’s degree at Florida State. This grant is in addition to any other scholarships, grants or loans that you will receive.

Who can I speak to for help about my financial aid?

You can email for assistance from staff in Financial Aid that are dedicated to supporting CARE students.

Housing Questions

View answers to questions about housing for Summer Bridge participants

Will I have to pay for housing?

FSU Housing will waive your summer housing contract fee and offers a reduced Fall housing contract fee to CARE Summer Bridge students. Your housing fee for the Summer will be covered by your financial aid award.

Where do we live for Summer Bridge Program?

The Summer Bridge Program is housed in residence halls that are suite-style, which means you share a room with another student and a bathroom with 2 other students. The 2023 Summer Bridge students lived in Azaela Hall.

Where do we live for Fall Semester?

Summer Bridge participants are not required to live on campus for Fall but it is strongly encouraged! FSU Housing will communicate with admitted student about the on-campus housing sign-up process for Fall semester.