2020 Frequently Asked Questions

2020 Summer Bridge Program

Frequently Asked Questions

View answers to frequently asked questions about the CARE Summer Bridge Program.


Start Dates, Participating, & Expectations for the 2020 Summer Bridge Program

View questions regarding start dates, how you will participate, and your expectations regarding the 2020 Summer Bridge Program.

Does Summer C going online mean we will not be moving in?

Correct. With FSU moving to an online semester, and as a precaution to protect our students from issues involving COVID-19, students will NOT move to Tallahassee/FSU this summer. Our program will be entirely online this summer.

Since we will not be moving in, will we still start June 13th?

No. Since you will not be moving into FSU, we have changed your start date to June 14th. You will receive more information via email regarding the schedule for our new "Welcome" Day.

Summer is online. What are the expectations for my CARE participation?

CARE students will still participate in the 2020 Summer Bridge Program. Students will complete their Orientation and participate in a range of activities and programs throughout the summer online that will help you transition to FSU and prepare for success throughout your FSU experience. CARE will provide more detailed information about their online Summer Bridge Program experience by email.

Will our SUMMER housing contract be cancelled automatically?

Yes. Your summer housing contract will be cancelled automatically. However, if you had a fall/spring contract, that contract is still active.

Virtual Orientation Questions

View answers to questions about Virtual Orientation

How will I register for Virtual Orientation?

CARE student processes will remain the same. CARE will register our students online beginning in May for their Orientation.

When will CARE's Virtual Orientation begin?

Virtual Orientation for CARE students begins on June 14th.

Will there be a Parent/Family Orientation now that we are online?

Yes. CARE is working with New Student & Family Programs to build a FGEN Family Orientation to help your family members with your transition to Florida State. You will receive information on how they can sign up in your FSU email in May.

Do I have to pay for Orientation?

Your Orientation will be covered by your financial aid package provided as a result of being a member of CARE. You will not have to pay for Orientation out of your pocket.

Questions on Classes & Advising

How will I register for classes this summer?

You will not register for summer courses. CARE Advisors are building your schedules for the summer. You will select your fall classes later in the summer yourself with the help of your academic advisor.

How do you select which classes we take?

You will enroll in 7 credit hours this summer. CARE selects classes based on your high school/dual enrollment transcripts. All students take AFA 1003 (Diversity & Justice). Your remaining classes will be selected based on what you need to meet graduation, university, pre-requisite, or major course requirements.

If you select my classes for the summer, why am I meeting with an Advisor during Orientation?

You will meet with an advisor at Orientation in order to discuss your FALL courses. You will select your fall courses during the summer, so this is an opportunity to prepare for your fall semester early!

Financial Aid Questions

Will CARE still pay for my summer expenses?

CARE does not pay for your summer expenses. FSU's Office of Financial Aid will provide you with a financial aid package that will cover the costs of your attendance for the summer term. You will still receive a financial aid package for the summer as a member of CARE that will cover your cost of attendance. However, that amount is subject to change as a result of being online.

How do I check my financial aid for the summer?

You can view your financial aid package by logging into your myFSU portal. You will see all grants and scholarships provided by FSU as a result of you being a member of CARE under your "Finances" tab.

How do I pay my summer expenses?

Your tuition and fees will be paid through your financial aid disbursement. FSU will automatically deduct your charges from your financial aid accounts to pay your bills. Any remaining funds will be sent to you by direct deposit.

I see that I will receive a refund. How do I get that money sent to me?

We recommend you enroll in direct deposit. If you are enrolled in direct deposit, any refund on your account will be sent to you when FSU sends out refunds. Otherwise, you will have to wait until FSU mails a paper check to your address on file.

Who can I speak to for help about my financial aid?

Ms. Ashley Allen is CARE's Financial Aid Specialist. She will be ready to assist you with any of your financial aid questions and concerns. You can reach her via phone (850-644-0781) or email (anallen@fsu.edu).

Tutoring & Academic Support Questions

View answers to questions about academic support and tutoring for members of CARE's Summer Bridge Program.

How can I get help on my classes during the Summer Bridge Program?

CARE Lab Tutoring: CARE provides online tutoring and proofreading for our students, as well as a range of other support resources to help you succeed this summer. You can access tutor schedules from our CARE Online page (https://care.fsu.edu/CAREOnline).

Are there other resources to help me succeed in online classes this summer?

FSU has a variety of resources designed to help you succeed in classes this summer and beyond!

Questions about Health, Wellness, & Campus Engagement

View answers related to health, wellness, and engagement on campus while learning online.

I need to speak with a counselor. Is there someone I can talk to about my mental health?

Yes. FSU's University Counseling Center provides TeleMental Health Services via Zoom (HIPAA secure, online platform), as well as around the clock crisis and telephone support via 850-644-TALK (8255). They are also offering daily psychoeducational workshops via Zoom and WellTrack for self-help interactive therapy. Go to https://counseling.fsu.edu/ to learn more!

Can I use the FSU Health Clinic while I am online?

Yes. The health and wellness of the FSU community is University Health Services' first priority. Services are available for acute care and via Telehealth. Visit uhs.fsu.edu/telehealth for more information about Telehealth options and services, including speaking to a nurse, refilling medications, psychiatry appointments, and acute care. Click Here to Learn More!

Is there anything I can do to be physically active even though I am attending FSU online?

Yes! FSU's Campus Recreation has developed ways for you to stay physically active, practice mindfulness or meditation, and spend time staying healthy and happy. Visit their Active Anywhere page or follow @FSUCampusRec on social media for daily challenges, workouts, and more.

How can I learn about other things to do at FSU while going to classes online?

There are A LOT of things to do while you are attending classes online for the summer! Through Virtual FSU, the Division of Student Affairs empowers and supports all students to achieve their full potential, and our departments continue to support students during Summer 2020. For information on how you can engage and connect to out-of-classroom experiences while taking classes online, go to https://studentaffairs.fsu.edu/virtualfsu/.

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