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CARE Academic Advising

CARE provides Academic Advising to assist students with planning their educational journey at FSU. Advisors help students connect to resources that meet their educational goals, stay within their Academic Map, finish prerequisites for majors, and complete steps needed for graduating on-time.

CARE Advising Resources


Exploratory Advising with CARE
CARE helps Exploratory students discover their passion and connect to FSU Majors.


Academic Improvement Plans (AIP)
For CARE students on Academic Warning or Probation during the semester, CARE develops an AIP to help them with their academic success.  Advisors meet with students to re-evaluate course selections, and provide periodic check-ins throughout the semester. Download the AIP Part I Form Here.


Schedule Second Check
CARE provides students with a second review of courses suggested by major advisors.


Academic Support Services
Targeted students receive specialized academic support to ensure their persistence and graduation from FSU.


Excess Credit Hours (Click here for more information)

A student becomes subject to the surcharge after exceeding the excess credit-hour threshold, which is calculated based on a percentage (ranging from 110–120 percent) beyond the number of hours the student's degree program requires. The surcharge is a percentage of the amount charged for one credit hour, and it is assessed in addition to tuition and fees. Both the threshold and the surcharge percentage are calculated based on when the student initially enrolled in a Florida college or university after the completion of high school.

Advising Links

Important dates

January 4th – 9th
Apply for Fall Graduation:
January 13th – 24th
7th Week Drop Deadline:
February 21st (drop a course without the Dean’s permission)
Summer & Fall Registration Begins:
March 9th
Spring Break:
March 16th – 20th
12th Week Drop Deadline (Dean's permission):
March 27th (Engineering only)
April 3rd (All other majors)
Finals Week:
April 27th – May 1st
Spring Graduation:
May 1st & 2nd
Spring Grades Post:
May 6th

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