CARE Award Recipients

CARE Stewardship Award

A core value of the University is responsible stewardship. The CARE Stewardship Award recognizes outstanding student and part-time staff who demonstrate a commitment to service to the Department, regularly perform their responsibilities with the highest form of excellence, and frequently goes above and beyond the expectations of their role to help move the mission of CARE forward.

2017 Stewardship Award Recipients

  • CARE Administration
    • Steve Dorcin
    • Maria Montano
    • Jesse Byers
    • MiAsia Graham
    • Tabisha Raymond
  • CARE Tutoring & Computer Lab
    • Teresita Diaz
    • Stefani Viera
    • Arthur Saint-Cyr
    • Erdell Maurice
  • Unconquered Scholars
    • Abdullah Derosier
  • Summer Bridge Program
    • Corey Wheeler
  • T.E.A.M.
    • Carleigh Robinett
    • Nora Garcia
    • Shem Rivera
    • Kortnea Williams
    • Chrislene Perceval
  • Pre-Collegiate Division
    • Abraham Bonamy
  • CARE Guides & Delegates
    • Maria Montano
    • NiShawna Williams
    • Octavia Thomas
    • Shem Rivera
    • Shannon Cochran
    • NiShawna Williams



CARE Pre-Collegiate Student of the Year Award

Awarded to outstanding CARE Pre-Collegiate students who have excelled academically, and in the areas of leadership and service.

  • 2017 Pre-Collegiate Students of the Year
    • David Sailor
    • Deborah Willet

CARE Spearhead Award for Service

The Spearhead Award for Service is presented to individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to service through mentoring and/or volunteerism.

  • 2017 Spearhead Award for Service Recipients
    • Billy Norcilien
    • Jaynell Taylor
    • Rayne Neunie

CARE Seminole Award for Leadership

The Seminole Award for Leadership is awarded to students who have provided exemplary leadership and service, beyond normal expectations, within CARE and throughout the campus community.

  • 2017 Seminole Award for Leadership Recipients
    • NiShawna Williams (SSS-SCOPE, SSS-SCOPE Advisory Board, FGEN2FSU, CARE Guides & Delegates, TEAM Leader)
    • Arthur Saint-Cry (CARE Lab, FGEN2FSU Student Showcase, Summer Bridge Program, CARE Guides & Delegates, TEAM Leader, SSS-STEM)

Essence of CARE Award

From the moment students begin at FSU, CARE reminds them that we will do whatever it takes to ensure they are successful at FSU. The Essence of CARE Award echoes this spirit, and is presented to the student who go out of their way to help their peers through their journey at FSU. Whether through mentoring, helping a freshman find their way, or just being a “Yes” whenever the department calls on them, the award recipients demonstrate the desire to help others without regard to personal recognition or notoriety.

  • 2017 Essence of CARE Award Recipients
    • Corey Wheeler
    • Kianni Newman

CARE Trailblazer Award

The Trailblazer Award is given to the individual who spearheads the way for others. They inspire others through their service and commitment to their own personal growth. They used any perceived barriers to their college education as fuel to be successful, and have reached back to help others reach their own potential for success. Overall, the Trailblazer has impacted CARE and the campus community in the areas of leadership and service, and have helped spread the legacy of opportunity and excellence through their service and example.

  • 2017 CARE Trailblazer Award Recipients
    • Shannon Cochran
    • Jules Orange

CARE G.R.I.T. (Growth, Resiliency, Initiative, & Tenacity) Award

CARE students are characterized by their resiliency and ability to rise above any obstacle that could disrupt their education at FSU. The GRIT Award is presented to the student who has demonstrated significant growth over the course of their enrollment, overcome obstacles that could have been barriers to their education, shown significant initiative to connect to CARE and the campus community, and display extraordinary tenacity in progressing towards their dream of a college education.

  • 2017 Underclassman GRIT Award: Stevenson Guerrier
    • Before college, Stevenson dealt with hardships and barriers that could have stopped him from coming to college. With the death of his father, Stevenson was effectively homeless and took over the responsibility of looking after his younger brother. After getting accepted into CARE, he was almost removed from CARE15 because of his attitude and interactions with other students. After beginning college, Stevenson refocused and became active and involved on campus. Student Government, Unconquered Scholars, the CARE Lab, and the ACC Leadership Conference are a few of the activities he’s been involved in. Still, Stevenson helps provide support and guidance for his brother, and is happy to see his sibling will now start college this year!
  • Upperclassman GRIT Award: Tashana Shields
    • Tashana has a story that could have stopped her from getting a high school diploma, let alone a college degree. Despite foster care, homelessness, and sleeping on park benches before coming to college, Tashana is preparing to graduate from FSU EARLIER than four years. When she was ready to quit school during the Summer Bridge Program, she found the strength to push through and persist. She did more than just go to school. She participated in a variety of activities, including Undergraduate Research, Student Conduct Board, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., the CARE Leadership Board, and volunteered with the CARE Lab. Tashana is even a published researcher from her work with undergraduate research. After having her beautiful son this semester, the NEXT DAY she was in class, showing her tenacity towards reaching her goal of a college degree.

CARE Torch Awards

The seal of FSU includes three torches that symbolize the fire given to man by the Greek god Prometheus. Fire enabled man to elevate himself above the animals and become human. The torches symbolize the purpose of the University: passing on of knowledge through generations. Just as our University’s purpose is to create a legacy of knowledge, CARE students are establishing a legacy of educational excellence within their families.
With this in mind, the Torch Awards recognize three students for their academic excellence, outstanding leadership abilities and campus involvement, and dedication to promoting educational excellence to others, hence furthering the mission of CARE.

  • Mores Torch Award – Given for excellence in character and dedication to responsible leadership
    • 2017 Mores Torch Award Recipient: Demarco Lockhart
  • Vires Torch Award – Given for intellectual strength and prowess
    • 2017 Vires Torch Award Recipient: Briana Whitehead
  • Artes Torch Award – Given for academic excellence, transcendent knowledge beyond the classroom, and inspirational service to the community
    • 2017 Artes Torch Award Recipient: Richea Osei

CARE Student of the Year

The CARE Student of the Year is awarded to a student who has displayed excellence in academic achievement, a commitment to service, active participation in CARE programs and organizations, resiliency in the face of obstacles, and tremendous character.

  • 2017 CARE Student of the Year: Maria Montano (CARE Administration, SSS-SCOPE, SSS-SCORE Advisory Board, CARE Guides & Delegates, Oscar Arias Sanchez Hispanic Honor Society, Delta Sigma Pi, FSU’s Student Employee of the Year)

CARE Hall of Fame

The CARE Hall of Fame is the highest honor presented to graduating seniors who have demonstrated the highest form of excellence in the areas of academic achievement, service to the Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement, campus leadership and involvement, and service to the campus and local community. Hall of Fame Finalists and Recipients are selected by a combination of CARE student representatives, CARE staff, and CARE Senior Management.

  • Spring 2017 Hall of Fame Finalists
    • Steve Dorcin
    • Pauline Muturi
    • Rayne Neunie
    • Kianni Newman
    • Jules Orange
    • Tashana Shields
    • Jaynell Taylor
    • Briana Whitehead