Work-Study Appointments

Work-Study is awarded by the Office of Financial Aid. If you are awarded work-study and have been offered a position in CARE, new employees must complete the following steps to become an active employee of FSU and be part of the Payroll system.

Work-Study Appointments

View Below for documents you are required to have when you meet with the CARE HR Reps if you are being hired as a Work-Study Student.

  1. You will need a signed Work-Study Authorization Form.
    • This will typically be handed to the Department Rep by the hiring supervisor. If you still have it, bring it with you to your appointment with Ms. Daniels.
  2. Secure a copy of your Social Security card.
    • Bring in the actual card and we will make a copy for you in our office.
    • The card must be signed.
    • You can apply for a new Social Security card downtown if you do not have one (see our office for details).
  3. Have your bank account information ready.
    • Typically you can get the numbers you need off of a check from your checkbook.
    • You'll need a Bank Routing Number and your Checking Account Number for the Direct Deposit Form.
    • Direct Deposit is required, it automatically deposits your pay into the bank account of your choice on payday.

Have Questions?

Please contact Jennifer Daniels at 850-644-9699, or the program or hiring supervisor for the applicable program area for assistance. Phone numbers and email links are available on our Staff contact page.