Completing HR Paperwork

After receiving a position in CARE, new employees must complete the following steps to become an active employee of FSU and be part of the Payroll system.

OPS Appointments

View Below for documents you are required to have when you meet with the CARE HR Reps if you are being hired as an OPS Employee or CARE Tutor. The Steps below are for completing the FSU New Employee Wizard.

Before You Begin

  1. Secure a copy of your Social Security card.
    • Bring in the actual card and we will make a copy for you in our office.
    • You can apply for a new Social Security card downtown (see our office for details).
  2. Have your bank account information ready.
    • Typically you can get the numbers you need off of a check from your checkbook.
    • You'll need a Bank Routing Number and your Checking Account Number for the Direct Deposit Form.
    • Direct Deposit is required, it automatically deposits your pay into the bank account of your choice on payday.

Completing the New Employee Forms Wizard

The New Employee Forms Wizard includes numerous tabs that each need to be selected and completed appropriately.

Launch the New Employee Forms Wizard


The I-9 form will be completed separately. Please continue by clicking on the Begin Forms Wizard to start the online data entry.


  • Is this a salaried position or OPS? OPS
  • Is this a graduate assistant appointment? NO
  • Effective Hire Date: The date you complete these forms.
  • Department: CARE
  • Supervisor Name: (Blank)
  • Department Representative Email:
  • Confirm Dept. Rep. Email:

Answer the questions that follow:

  • Is this a faculty ... appointment? (NO)
  • Is this a classroom teaching position? (NO)
  • Are you a current or former law enforcement officer...? (As appropriate)
  • Have you been convicted of a felony . . .? (As appropriate)
  • Are you currently employed by FSU? (As appropriate.  If this is your first appointment with FSU, select No.)
  • Are you being hired for a position at FSU's Developmental Research School (DRS)...? (NO)
  • Will you be working in any position outside the university while employed? (As appropriate)
  • Were you previously employed by Florida State University ... in a salaried, benefits-earning position? (NO)
  • Do you have any relatives employed by Florida State University? (As appropriate)
  • Select your citizenship class from the drop down list.

Click on Next in the upper right corner of the screen to continue.

Personal Information

  • Fill in your Social Security Number (SSN) and name information.
  • Leave Employee ID blank.
  • Enter your title (Mr / Ms / Miss / Mrs).
  • Fill in your entire name, as it would be printed on your Social Security Card. No nicknames!
  • Include suffix (Jr or III...) and maiden name, if needed.
  • Fill in your primary phone number (include area code) and email address (both required).  You may also add other phone numbers and fill in the FSU Text Alert number blank, if you wish.  
  • Fill in your home address and mailing address (if different).

Click on Next in the upper right corner of the screen to continue.

Emergency Contact

  • Complete this section with first and last name, at least one contact number, and relationship of your emergency contact.

Click on Next in the upper right corner of the screen to continue.

General Information

  • Are you currently a full time student? (Answer as appropriate, 12 hours in Fall or Spring is considered full-time.)
  • Highest Education level? (Answer as appropriate)
  • Complete degree information, as needed.
  • Select responses for Gender, Marital Status, and Date of Birth.
  • Select your ethnicity/race from the drop down list and check mark boxes.
  • Select responses for Veteran and Disability Information.

Click on Next in the upper right corner of the screen to continue.

Tax Withholdings

  • Select Withholding Status from drop down list.
  • Enter Number of Withholding Allowances.
    • Please consult a tax professional for a thorough explanation and with questions regarding your own personal tax situation. However, traditionally, this number is 0 if your parents claim you on their taxes or a 1 if you will file your own taxes independently.
    • Furthermore, traditionally, the final two answers on this screen are left blank.

Click on Next in the upper right corner of the screen to continue.

Direct Deposit

  • Enter your Financial Institution and Phone Number (search as needed).
  • Enter your Routing Code. This code is typically printed at the bottom left of a personal check. It is the first half of the number printed there.
  • Enter your Account Number. This number is typically the second half of that number at the bottom of your check.
  • Select an Account Type.
  • You may wish to contact your Financial Institution to verify this information.

Click on Next in the upper right corner of the screen to continue.


  • Click on Finish. Your forms will then be generated for your review and electronic signature.  Your electronic signature consists of a PIN which will be the last 4 digits of your SSN and initials.  Whatever initials that you choose to use in the document need to be consistent throughout in order to successfully submit the paperwork.
  • Once you insert your PIN, initials, and check mark certifying your review of the form, click Next Form to complete the process for the remaining forms.
  • After electronically signing the forms, you will have the option to save and/or print all of the forms. Print the forms and bring a copy of the paperwork with you to the CARE HR Appointment Meeting.

Bring the Forms to Post Hire Meeting or the CARE HR Office

  • Once you have completed the required forms, bring your packet to the designated post hire meeting. Your supervisor will notify you of this mandatory meeting. 
  • The HR staff will make free copies of your license and SS Card, notarize the Loyalty Oath form (also FREE).

Have Questions?

Please contact Jennifer Daniels at 850-644-9699, or the program or hiring supervisor for the applicable program area for assistance. Phone numbers and email links are available on our Staff contact page.