Applying for a Job

Thank you for your interest in working for CARE. All individuals interested in a position in CARE must apply to work through the FSU OMNI system. We recommend that you print out the following directions to guide you through this online process. The process takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Start the OMNI Application Process

Finding Our Job in OMNI

  1. Go to to login to the FSU Human Resources Job Database. (note the https part)
  2. Click on the Browse Job Openings link in the center of the page.
  3. For full-time jobs in CARE, under Department, click More, then find CARE (DSA) or CARE (UGS) (note that these will have different jobs listed but all are CARE jobs)
  4. For part-time employment, search for OPS Express Pool (job #40966) or CARE Tutorial Assistant Pool (job #40011). Click on the corresponding link to view job details.
  5. Click on the blue Apply Now link to start the application process.
  6. The system log-in screen will appear. If you have never applied for a job using this system before, use the Registration Information box to create an account. If you have applied at FSU before using this system, simply login as directed.

Completing your application is next. CARE requires a completed application for you to apply. Additional mandatory training sessions and skills evaluations may also be a part of the application process.

Completing an OPS Application in OMNI

Note that the online resume you will create next in the OMNI system can be used to apply for other job openings at FSU. The directions below will explain what information is needed to apply for a CARE job. You may wish to include ADDITIONAL information so that your online resume will be more complete and thorough in case you apply for other jobs on campus. You can always update your online resume at a later date through the OMNI system.

  1. Choose a Resume
    • We do not require a resume for any student OPS job, although it is welcomed.
    • Click the blue Continue button at the the bottom of the page.
  2. My Profile
    • Member Information: Select your Preferred Method of Contact.
    • Name: Complete this section.
    • Address: Complete this section.
    • Email Addresses: Select an Email Address type and enter your email address. Only 1 email address is required.
    • Phone: Select a Phone type and enter a phone number. At least 1 phone number is required.
    • Click the blue Save button at the the bottom of the page.
  3. Complete Application Page
    • Only limited information is required for CARE; however this is one of the pages where you may enter additional information, if you wish.
    • Preferences: Not required to apply for CARE OPS jobs.
    • Work Experience: Required. Click on the blue Add Work Experience link to add job information. Complete the form as necessary and click Okay & Return if you are only listing one job or Okay & Add More to add another previous job. If you have no prior work experience, please check the box.
    • Education History: Select the appropriate education level from the drop-down menu. Click on the blue Add High School Education History link to add degree information (and college degree information, as needed).
    • Licenses and Certificates: Not required to apply.
    • Memberships: Not required to apply.
    • References: Not required to apply.
    • Online Questionnaire: Please answer all questions on this page. Please read each question carefully and answer as appropriate for yourself.
    • Once you have completed the Work Experience / Education History / and Online Questionnaire sections, click on the blue Submit button at the bottom.
  4. Submit Online Application
    • Just two more steps are required.
      • Self Identification Details: Read and provide the information requested (optional).
      • Terms and Agreements: Read this statement then click on I agree to these terms at the bottom. Once you have agreed to the terms, the Submit button will be clickable.
    • Click on the blue Submit button at the bottom of the page to submit your application to the system.
  5. You are Returned to the Careers Home Page
    • After you submit your application, the system returns you to the Careers Home Page with your name at the top. You may view your current application by clicking on the blue Applications link in the lower right.
    • Once you have completed and submitted the application, don't forget to Sign Out of the system (upper right).
    • You will receive emails from the FSU Human Resources Office concerning this application. Please note that additional training sessions and skills evaluations may be required to secure a position.

Have Questions?

Please contact Jennifer Daniels at 850-644-9699, or the program or hiring supervisor for assistance. Phone numbers and emails are available on our Staff contact page.