College Reach-Out Program

What is the College Reach-Out Program?

Since 1992, Florida State University has implemented the College Reach-Out Program (CROP) as part of a state-wide initiative funded by the Florida Department of Education. At FSU, CROP is operated by the Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement (CARE), and serves schools in Leon, Gadsden, and Duval counties.

The College Reach-Out Program is an educational and motivational program designed to help students prepare for a successful college education. Participants in CROP must be students in 6-12th grades who meet educational and economic criteria established by the State of Florida. Students must be enrolled in a public school in Leon, Gadsden, or Duval County in order to be eligible to apply. For additional information about the College Reach-Out Program, please contact (850) 644-9699.

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Students must qualify for the College Reach-Out Program on at least one of the economic guidelines AND at least one of the academic guidelines. All guidelines refer to the most current data available at the time of the student's entry into the program.

University Experience Program

The University Experience Program (UEP) is a summer residential program that exposes students to college life. Students stay on the FSU campus while participating in a variety of academic and personal development activities designed to promote high school and college success.

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