Overview of the Summer Bridge Program

Students admitted to the CA.R.E. Summer Bridge Program receive the following benefits:

  • Admission to Florida State University
  • Waived admissions deposit
  • Summer Housing deposit covered
  • Orientation fee covered
  • Costs for the summer term covered (tuition, fees, books, housing, & meals)

Services Provided During the Summer Bridge Program

Academic Support Services

Students receive assistance in establishing and refining study and test-taking skills through workshops, study halls, tutoring sessions, and special classes. Through CARE's Tutorial Lab, students have access to free tutoring service in gateway undergraduate courses.

Campus Survival Skills

Students are introduced to various campus and student support services and will learn effective techniques for time management, money management, registration, selecting majors, realistic course loads, personal safety and security, and other challenges that may exist in the campus environment.


Students are assigned to academic and peer advisors who will guide them through their early transition into the university. Program participants will receive their academic advising by CARE until they complete liberal studies requirements and enter a major program of study.

Social/Cultural Orientation

Students are exposed to the rich cultural diversity that characterizes the university community , which includes an introduction to a variety of social, service and leadership opportunities on campus and in the local community.

Advocacy and Support Services Beyond the Summer

Students will continue their participation with CARE throughout their enrollment at FSU. CARE staff will continue to support and advocate on behalf of SBP participants as needed while they complete their undergraduate education. The CARE office is available as a surrogate “home base” for many students who are leaving home and becoming independent for the first time in their lives.

Benefits of the Summer Bridge Program


Through the 7-week C.A.R.E. Summer Bridge Program, students will

  • Live in campus housing with other participants, staff and upper class students who will serve as peer ambassadors and campus guides during the summer
  • Receive comprehensive orientation to campus and academic requirements
  • Take up to 7 credit hours of college coursework
  • Meet key university faculty, staff, and administrators
  • CARE-only New Student Orientation & Free Family Orientation
  • Campus Networking Workshops

When student participants return in the fall, they are adjusted to student life and well acquainted with the campus and important university personnel. In addition, students will learn essential skills in good study habits and time management.

Financial Benefits

Students admitted to the CARE Summer Bridge Program receive the following financial benefits:

  • Financial Aid to cover all Tuition & Fees, Meals, Housing, Health Insurance, Transportation, Books, & Educational Supplies
  • Deferred Orientation Fees
  • Free Family Orientation for all members
  • Waived Admissions Deposit
  • Reduced Fall Housing Deposit
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