CLC Executive Board Position Descriptions


The CARE Leadership Council is led by a an Executive Board and Cabinet comprised of the following positions. Click the position name to see the responsibilities of each position.


The President Shall
  • Act as Chair of the CARE Leadership Council
  • Be responsible for the efficient and effective operation of the office.
  • Execute decisions on policy, procedure, and activities as prescribed by the CARE Leadership Council.
  • Create ad hoc and standing committees as needed to deal with specific needs of CARE and CARE students.
  • Provide a set of specific guidelines to each CARE Leadership Council member with respect to their duties, and oversee the collective progress of the Council throughout its term.
  • Delegate responsibilities to other Council members within their respective positions that are necessary for the growth of the CARE Leadership Council.
  • Provide overall supervision of the finances allocated to the CARE Leadership Council.
  • Appoint and remove staff members, in consultation with the CARE Staff Liaison.

Vice President

The Vice President shall
  • Exercise the authority and duties of the President in the absence of the President.
  • Oversee all ad hoc and standing committees.
  • Assist the President with the agency’s daily operation.
  • Update the Council with any new information and changes concerning CARE Leadership Council related activities, functions, and meetings.
  • Sign official documents along with the President as required in their respective capacity.


The Secretary shall:
  • Write the minutes for all CARE Leadership Council Executive Board, Cabinet, and General Body meetings.
  • Maintain a collective set of minutes of Council meetings to be turned in to the new Secretary following the election of officers.
  • Maintain a membership roll and record of the attendance at Council meetings, as well as the membership roll of CARE-affiliated organization representative (Unconquered Scholars, SSS, SSS-STEM, etc.).
  • Call for correspondence of the CARE Leadership Council except when otherwise delegated.
  • Execute and be responsible for submitting in a timely manner, forms, documents and reports as required for the operation of the office.


The Treasurer shall:
  • Maintain all records and papers regarding the financial affairs of the CARE Leadership Council.
  • Monitor and report the financial status of the CARE Leadership Council to the Executive Board and CARE Staff Liaison on a periodic basis.
  • Manage the finances of the CARE Leadership Council.
  • Execute and be responsible for submitting in a timely manner all budget requests and be fiscally accountable.

Committee Chairs

The Cabinet is comprised of the following positions:
  • Alumni Relations: responsible for CARE Alumni-related activities and events, including FSU Homecoming alumni activities and execution of the Legends Speakers Series
  • Community Service: responsible for coordinating, promoting, completing, and assessing on- and off-campus opportunities to empower students through service and volunteerism
  • Fundraising & Development: responsible for coordinating, developing, planning, executing, and evaluation of the CLC’s fundraising events and sponsorship requests
  • Marketing & Publicity: responsible for the CLC’s social networking, marketing and promotion of CARE and CLC activities, updating websites & calendar events, & creates event flyers
  • Health & Wellness: responsible for coordinating, promoting, and executing activities related to the physical, mental, and emotional health of CARE students
  • Internal Relations: serves as the liaison between the CLC and CARE-affiliated programs (SSS, SSS-STEM, Unconquered Scholars, CSP, TEAM, etc.) to ensure collaboration and coordination of activities between the Leadership Boards of CARE-affiliated programs and the CLC.
  • External Relations: serves as the liaison to non-CARE students and entities, including SGA (and Agencies), Fraternity & Sorority Life, and Student Activities
  • Professional Development: responsible for coordinating activities and events that help prepare students for life after graduation, including the CARE Career Mini Week
  • Social & Special Events: responsible for developing social activities to connect CARE students to each other & the campus community, including the annual CARE Leadership Awards Banquet
  • At-Large Representatives: representatives from the various programs within CARE (SSS-SCOPE, SSS-STEM, Unconquered Scholars, etc.) have standing representation on the CLC
For a detailed description of the positions, download the following attachment: CLC Cabinet Positions

Eligibility for E-Board Positions

Requirements for President, Vice President, Secretary, & Treasurer:

  • Be current CARE students with a 2.500 GPA or higher
  • Have at least 27 credit hours by the end of the Summer term
  • Be in compliance with your CARE requirements
  • Have completed at least one year at FSU

Requirements for Cabinet/Chair Positions:

  • Be current CARE students with a 2.0 GPA or higher
  • Be in compliance with your CARE requirements
  • Have completed at least one term at FSU

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