Account Billing & Payment Information

Information on Your Tuition Charges

Click below for information on understanding, viewing, paying, or deferring your tuition.

When is tuition due?

The tuition payment deadline is the second week of each semester as posted on the Academic Calendar at registrar.fsu.edu. Check our homepage for upcoming deadlines.

Classes added after the drop/add period must be paid within five calendar days to avoid late fees.

Where to View Your Bill

Your bill is available online through your my.fsu.edu Student Center. Electronic billing is more efficient and more accurate than paper statements since your myFSU account statement will update if you change your class schedule and after you receive a financial aid disbursement.

The total tuition due is available online when you register for classes, and is also online in detail on your Account Statement at myFSU.

Financial Aid and Deferments

As long as you apply for financial aid on time (before the semester begins) and turn in any requested documents to the Financial Aid Office (check your myFSU “to do list”), you should not need a deferment. Your financial aid should process at the beginning of the term, on the fifth day of class, which is before the fee payment deadline.

Review our online calendar for specific dates. If your financial aid is delayed, the Office of Financial Aid will place a financial aid deferment on your account, temporarily postponing your tuition due date. You will receive an email at your official @my.fsu.edu address when your financial aid disburses or if you are granted an automatic deferment.

Be sure to check your Account Statement during the second week of class to be sure that your tuition and class fees are paid in full. If your financial aid does not disburse in full and you are not informed of an automatic deferment, then be sure to contact the Financial Aid Office.

If you applied for financial aid before the beginning of the semester, you may be eligible to apply for a deferment through the Office of Financial Aid during the second week of class. Your tuition must be paid in full or deferred by the Tuition Payment Deadline or you will incur late fees and risk schedule cancellation.

How to Pay Your Tuition

  • Online - Pay online at my.fsu.edu, by Visa, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and electronic check.
    Please note that all online payments will be assessed a web convenience fee to help cover the University’s cost in processing these transactions, as allowed by Florida state law (Florida Statute, Chapter 1009.23(15)).
    If you need technical assistance accessing this service, please contact the FSU Technology Services Help Desk at 850-644-4357.
  • Mail – Please make your check payment payable to FSU and mail it to Student Business Services; A1500 University Center; Tallahassee, FL 32306-2394. Be sure to include your student number or FSUID, name, address and telephone number on your check.
    Checks must be made out correctly to be considered on time. Tuition payment must be received by the tuition payment deadline or you will receive late fees and risk schedule cancellation.
  • In person - Our friendly cashiers are available at A1500 University Center, Student Business Services from 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. You can also make payments at the FSUCard Center located in the back of the FSU Bookstore and at the Housing Office.
    Cashiers accept payments by FSUCard linked to a SunTrust Acount, cash, personal checks, money orders and cashiers checks. Credit and debit card payments are only accepted online.
  • On-Campus Drop Box - Our secure payment drop box is located outside our office at A1500 University Center. It is available for check payments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year including holidays and weekends. All payments will be receipted by the next business day.
    Please make the check payable to Florida State University and include your student number, name, address and telephone number on your check. Checks must be made out correctly to be considered on time.

Payment Plans for Tuition

FSU offers a payment plan during the Fall and Spring terms for interested students who owe at least $150 in tuition and class fees. Please note that this installment plan is not available during the Summer term.

The installment plan allows you to split your tuition and fee payment into two installments for a $10.00 fee. The initial payment must be one half of your total tuition and class fee bill and is due by the tuition payment deadline as listed on the Academic Calendar.

The remaining balance, plus $10.00 contract fee, is due about one month later, as listed on the academic calendar. Please note that fees for any course added after the fee payment deadline (i.e. after the first installment is due) must be paid in full within five (5) calendar days as these fees will not be covered under the previously executed contract. Failure to pay tuition in full for such a course will result in the assessment of a late payment fee.

Similarly, failure to meet any of the terms of the installment contract will result in a late payment fee and create the risk of schedule cancellation. Contact Student Business Services by calling 850-644-9452 or sending an email to StudentBusiness@fsu.edu to enroll in the installment plan.

Bright Futures and Outstanding Balances

Bright Futures pays a per-credit rate, so it is easy to anticipate your award as soon as your class schedule is set. If you have the Bright Futures Scholarship and would like to pay your portion of tuition before Bright Futures processes, follow the equation below, which is using the 2015-2016 Bright Futures rate. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • Medallion Scholarship (formerly 75%):
    $77/credit (2015-2016 rate)
    (Total tuition owed) - ($77 x hours enrolled) = (Amount owed after Bright Futures Medallion Scholarship)
  • Academic Scholarship (formerly 100%):
    $103/credit (2015-2016)
    (Total tuition owed) - ($103 x hours enrolled) = (Amount owed after Bright Futures Academic Scholarship)

When will charges be posted?

  • Each Fall term begins a new academic year.
  • Tuition rates are subject to legislative and Board of Trustees review each academic year and must be approved before we can post your bill.
  • Fall tuition charges should post to student accounts by August under the “Account Inquiry.”

Paying Your Bill Online

Click below for information on viewing, paying, and authorizing others to pay your FSU bill.

Paying a Partial Amount of your Bill

  • Florida Prepaid and financial aid should post to your my.fsu.edu bill by the end of the first week of classes, which is before the fee payment deadline.
  • To pay early, or to split your payment for some other reason—simply follow the “make a payment” link visible through the main my.fsu.edu portal page, or under your myFSU account statement.
  • Then select the charges to pay. On the next step enter the amount into the text box that you would like to pay.

Where can I view what I currently owe?

  • Log into my.fsu.edu and access your Student Center (the "SC" icon).
  • The “Account Summary” box on the Student Center page shows your current and past due charges.
  • For transactional details, click the “Account Inquiry” link to the left of the box.

Where can I see due dates for my charges?

  • Many charges, like parking tickets and library fines, are due immediately.
  • Tuition generally must be paid by the second Friday of the semester.
  • Find specific tuition due dates on the academic calendar. You can view specific due dates for all your charges through the “Charges/Bills” tab under your my.fsu.edu “Account Inquiry”.

How do I make an online payment?

  • Visit the Student Business Services Payment page and then the “Make a payment” tab to pay online.

How do I make an online payment with an FSUCard?

  • FSU does not accept FSUCash for tuition payments.
  • If you have an active Suntrust account linked to your FSUCard, then your routing and account number will auto populate under the check portion of the final “Make a Payment” screen.
  • If you do not wish to pay with your Suntrust account, simply delete the routing and account numbers and select an alternate method of payment.

Where/when will I see my Florida Prepaid/Third Party Billing on my account?

  • Log into my.fsu.edu and access your Student Center (the "SC" icon).
  • Click "Account Inquiry" to access your bill.
  • All third-party/Florida Prepaid billings will be posted to student accounts under the “Activity” tab.

Can I still give someone access to allow them to pay my tuition (like my parents)?

Federal privacy laws require FSU to obtain your written permission to discuss your account details with any third-parties, including your parents.

You can grant others permission to discuss your bill by following the steps below:

  • Log into my.fsu.edu and access your Student Center (the "SC" icon).
  • Click the "Share my Information" button on the right side of the page.
    • This action allows the third party to create their own FSUID to make payments on the account and allows University staff to discuss relevant account details. For more information on "Delegated Access", please click here

Florida Prepaid & Billing

Click below for information on your Florida Prepaid and FSU billing/tuition payment.

Where do I bring my Florida Prepaid card?

FSU will bill Florida Prepaid automatically every semester—and there’s nothing you need to do to make it happen!

FSU does not need to see your Florida Prepaid card and you do not need to complete any paperwork.

  • Please note, though, that while Prepaid covers tuition, and the local fees if you purchased that feature, no Florida Prepaid plan covers the full cost of taking classes.

Why doesn't my Florida Prepaid pay all of my tuition?

The credit hour cost comprises several fees in addition to tuition.

The “state fees” (or tuition) portion of the credit hour is covered by Florida Prepaid. Local fees are covered if you purchased that feature and the differential fee is waived if you contracted your plan before summer of 2007, or covered by Prepaid if your plan is newer than that and you also purchased the Differential fee feature.

  • Please note that regardless of your plan’s features, you will be responsible for some class fee balance after Prepaid as Florida Prepaid does not cover mandatory per-credit fees for Transportation Access, Technology, or Student Facilities use.
  • Florida Prepaid does not cover additional costs, like lab fees, online class fees or fees for repeating a course.

Any financial aid you receive should be applied to your remaining balance by the end of the first week of class. Be sure to check your myFSU bill and take care of any remaining balance prior to the fee payment deadline as posted on the Academic Calendar to avoid late fees and the risk of schedule cancellation.

I have Florida Prepaid, how do I just pay the part that I owe?

Your Florida Prepaid billing will be reflected on your Account Statement by the end of the drop/ add period during the first week of the term, so your outstanding balance after that time will only reflect the portion of fees not covered by Florida Prepaid.

You can choose to make a partial payment through myFSU by selecting the charges you would like to pay and inputting your payment amount.

You may go to the Account Statement to see a record of your transaction after you have made your payment.

How can I tell if I have Florida Prepaid with local fees?

Check your Florida Prepaid card to review your plan features. If it does not mention local fees, you have the standard Florida Prepaid tuition plan.

I don't want Florida Prepaid to pay this semester. What should I do?

  • FSU will bill Florida Prepaid automatically each term. If you want to cancel or lessen this billing for a given term, please fill out the cancellation form and submit it to our office by the fourth day of class.
  • You must cancel your prepaid each semester that you do not want Florida Prepaid to pay its full portion of your bill.
  • If you wish to cancel your billing for multiple terms, you might find it more convenient to contact Florida Prepaid directly at 1-800-552-4723 to place a hold on your account.

I don't want Florida Prepaid to pay ever again. What do I do?

Please contact Florida Prepaid at 1-800-552-4723 to discuss options to hold, close or transfer your Florida Prepaid account.

I have both Florida Prepaid and Bright Futures. How does that work?

Florida Prepaid and Bright Futures both pay per credit hour. At the beginning of the semester, Student Business Services bills your Florida Prepaid Account for the number of credit hours in which you are enrolled.

At the same time, Financial Aid notifies Bright Futures of the number of credit hours in which you are enrolled. Both agencies make their payments according to the number of credit hours that Florida State University reports.

The University receives the full amount of both payments, applies the funds to owed amounts and releases additional money to the student.

Remember that Bright Futures does not pay over the summer, so if you are taking summer classes, please be sure to pay your local fees, transportation access fee, technology fee, and student facilities use fee by the tuition payment deadline or else you will receive late fees and risk being dropped from class.