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CARE / Summer Bridge Program / Apply to the 2015 CARE SBP

Apply to the 2015 CARE SBP



Qualifications for Participation in CARE and the Summer Bridge Program


Deadline to Apply: January 14, 2015!!!


To ensure you submit a completed application, you should complete all of the steps below:


Steps to a COMPLETED CARE Summer Bridge Program Application

The Application Checklist below is a comprehensive list of all items required for a 2015 CARE SBP application.   You must complete ALL of the steps below for a completed application:

FSU Admissions Steps

  1. Complete the FSU Application (
  2. Pay the FSU Application Fee ($30), or submit application fee waiver
  3. Complete the SSAR (Self-reported Student Academic Record)
  4. Complete the Florida Residency Form.  The form can be completed at

CARE Admissions Steps

  1. Complete the CARE Summer Bridge Program Application.
  2. Complete the 2014-2015 FAFSA (  The FAFSA can be completed at  All outstanding documents that are required for a completed CARE application must be submitted to the FSU Office of Admissions by January 14, 2015.
  3. Turn in all official transcripts for all high school and dual enrollment coursework to the FSU Office of Admissions.
  4. Submit the following documents that apply to you:
    • Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s) 2013 Tax Return (if no taxes filed for 2013, you must submit the Parent Non-Filer Form).
    • If your parent/legal guardian is claiming a disability, you must submit a copy of their Social Security Statement.
    • If you or your parent(s) have a Green Card (Permanent Resident), you must submit a copy of the cards (front and back).

CARE 2015 Essays

There are 3 essays required to apply to CARE.  Please complete the following essays and upload them to your 2015 CARE Application.  Essays are a MAXIMUM of 500 words.

  • Essay 1: Given your personal background, what circumstances have you overcome in your life that can attest to your determination to complete a college education?
  • Essay 2: CARE receives almost 1,500 applications for a limited number of spots. What do you think sets you apart from others applicants?
  • Essay 3: Why do you want to go to Florida State University?

Tips on Submitting Your Application

  • You must turn in high school transcripts AND complete the SSAR to be considered for CARE.
  • The application must be completed online.
  • Write down your EMPLID. You obtain this number after completing the FSU Application.  You will need this to complete the CARE Application.  Without it, we will not be able to link your CARE application to your FSU application.
  • You should get all of the required documentation together before applying.  All documents (except the high school/dual enrollment transcript) must be uploaded through the online application portal.
  • You can SAVE AND RESUME the CARE application.
  • Before submitting, you will be able to review your application for accuracy.
  • You will receive a confirmation email upon completion of the online application. That is your copy to keep.
  • Turn in all official transcripts to the FSU Office of Admissions by either mail or fax.

The Florida State University
Office of Admissions
282 Champions Way
P.O. Box 3062400
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2400
Fax: (850) 644-0197



Click Here to Apply to the 2015 CARE Summer Bridge Program