Participation in CARE & the Summer Bridge Program

Congratulations on your acceptance to Florida State University and the Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement. As a CARE student, you will attend FSU starting in the summer of 2017 through the Summer Bridge Program, a seven-week program. During this time you will live in on-campus housing with CARE staff and ambassadors. We promise you an excellent learning environment and a memorable college experience.

After the summer term, you will remain in CARE and FSU, participating in a variety of activities and programs to help you succeed in college and progress through to graduation.

By accepting your admission to FSU through CARE, you have the benefits of

  • No Admissions Deposit!
  • No Orientation Fee!
  • No Summer Housing Deposit!
  • Summer Tuition, Fees, Housing, Meals, Books, and Insurance Covered!
  • Only a $50 Fall/Spring 2017-2018 Housing Contract Prepayment

Next Steps!!! You should read everything in each step to be sure you don't miss any valuable information!

Step 1. Complete the Participation Agreement (Due by May 1, 2017).

  • Due Date: May 1, 2017. The link to the Participation Agreement is in your acceptance letter. If you cannot locate it, please email to request the link.
  • Failure to return the agreement will result in automatic cancellation of your participation in CARE and the Summer Bridge Program.
  • Although the agreement is due on May 1, the other items must be received by their due dates in order to ensure your offer remains valid.

Step 2: Activate your FSUID

  • Your FSUID will be your username and email address for FSU. This is also how you log into the FSU system to review your To-Do List, Complete Housing Documents, See your Verification Forms, etc.
  • To activate your FSUID, go to You will need your EMPLID (it's in your acceptance email) and your Social Security Number to activate your FSUID.

Step 3: Complete any missing FAFSA information IMMEDIATELY!!!! (Due February 1, 2017).

  • This only applies if you did not complete BOTH a 2016-2017 AND a 2017-2018 FAFSA.
  • Both FAFSA's are required in order to be allowed to enroll at FSU through CARE.
  • As a member of CARE, you need to complete the 2016-2017 FAFSA for aid for this summer, and the 2017-2018 FAFSA for aid during Fall 2017, Spring 2018, and Summer 2018.
  • You should use the Data Retrieval Tool when possible to expedite the FAFSA and financial aid processes.

Step 4. Submit Your Proof of Insurance (Due April 15, 2017).

  • At FSU, you must show proof of health insurance. To complete this step, go to
    • If you already have health insurance for Summer 2017, click WAIVE INSURANCE and complete the form.
    • If you do not have health insurance for the Summer, you can purchase the FSU Health Insurance beginning this Spring (date to be announced). Go to, click PURCHASE INSURANCE, and complete the form. Because you are in CARE, if you select this option, the CARE financial aid package will cover your summer insurance costs.

Step 5. Submit the FSU Health Compliance Forms (Due April 15, 2017).

Step 6: Complete Fall/Spring Housing (Opens February 1, 2017 at 9:00 AM)

  • Complete the FSU Fall Housing Undergraduate Application (and $50 Student Prepayment)
  • To contract for housing, complete the following steps in order:
    1. Complete the housing contract as soon as it is available at
    2. Within 10 days, an advance rent payment of $50 is due.
    3. Also within 10 days, applicants under 18 years of age at the time of contract submission must complete and return the parent/guardian signature form which is available on our website.
  • This is done ONLY IF YOU PLAN TO LIVE ON CAMPUS FOR THE FALL 2017-SPRING 2018 YEAR. This is an optional step.
  • Housing is first come, first serve. If you apply first, you have a greater chance of getting the room you want in the hall you choose! Housing is very limited, so apply early if you wish to live on-campus for the Fall/Spring terms.
  • We encourage all first time freshmen to live on campus for reasons of retention and academic performance.
  • Please note: Housing is unable to refund the difference between the regular and CARE housing prepayments whether the larger prepayment was made in error or prior to acceptance in the CARE program. If you do make the $225 prepayment, you will have a smaller rent balance after you are assigned to a room. This means that either you will owe less or you will receive more funds when your financial aid pays out, so in the end you still pay the same amount for your rent.
  • A few important points for you:
      • On-campus housing is not required or guaranteed for incoming CARE students at FSU (although it is strongly preferred).
      • The housing contract is binding if you attend FSU.
      • The housing contract does not commit you to FSU. If you are considering coming to FSU and think about staying on-campus, you can complete the contract to reserve your spot just in case.
      • Failure to complete Housing Steps 2 & 3 within the specified time will result in cancellation of your contract. You would then need to resubmit the contract, resulting in a change to your contract number.
      • You can submit a preferred roommate request starting in mid-February. You will select your Fall/Spring room starting in mid-May via the FSU myHousing portal.

    Step 7: Complete the Financial Aid Verification Process (Due April 15, 2017).

    • Some students will receive an email outlining some additional documents needed from the Office of Financial Aid. These documents must be submitted before we can finalize your acceptance into CARE. These documents are to verify that the financial information you uploaded into your FAFSA is correct.
    • To find out which documents are being requested, you can check your FSU To-Do List by logging into .
      • If you do not have forms listed, then you are not required to do anything at this time.
    • Verification must be completed by April 15, 2017, or you may have your offer for CARE rescinded! This should be done even if you have not returned your Participation Agreement!
    • For assistance with completing Financial Aid Verification, please contact Ms. Threatts at or (850) 644-4505.

    Step 8: Complete the MANDATORY Summer Housing Application (Due April 15, 2017).

    • The Summer C contract will open March 2, 2017. Further information about summer housing will be available in February on the Housing website.
    • Complete the FSU Summer Housing Application (available at THIS IS MANDATORY!!!
      • ALL CARE Summer Bridge Program Participants are required to reside in the assigned residence hall for the entire duration of the summer.
      • CARE will cover your summer prepayment! If you pay the $100 fee, Housing will NOT refund you the money!!!
    • A few important points for you:
      • Please note that the Summer and Fall/Spring contracts are separate. As a summer admit, you will need to complete BOTH.
      • Fall on-campus housing is NOT required or guaranteed for incoming students at FSU. If you want to stay on-campus for the Fall, you should sign-up EARLY!!!
      • Students must reside in the designated CARE residence hall for the duration of the Summer Bridge Program. Students WILL NOT be allowed to live off-campus or in an on-campus residence not assigned by CARE or University Housing.
      • The housing contract is binding only if you attend FSU. The housing contract does not constitute a commitment to attend FSU.
      • CARE students WILL NOT be able to select their roommates for the Summer Bridge Program.

    Step 9: CARE Orientation

    • As a CARE student, you will attend Orientation June 18 - 20, 2017. New Student & Family Programs will register you for your Orientation session.
    • CARE students do not have to pay for Orientation. We will cover that for you!
    • There is a CARE Family Orientation that will occur on Saturday, June 17, 2017. This session is free and open to any family member that will be accompanying students at the CARE Move-In. This is an opportunity for parents and family members to gain valuable information about FSU and your college experience. You will receive more information about this Orientation as we get closer to your Move-In Day!!!
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